Korean Obsession

Have you seen Korean drama or Kpop? Well it is the most popular world wide trend right now. I'm kinda obsessed with it because the more i watch it the more i love it.

The first Korean drama i saw was My Girlfriend Is Gumiho. Gumiho is a magical creature at Chinese legend, in the story gumiho have nine tail. The story in Korean drama always makes me interested so in the end i will watch more and more. The most famous Drama right now is Goblin. It breaks worldwide rating because everyone watch it. The plot are interesting and the character is famous. Drama are famous by their character that has beautiful and handsome face.

Kpop is Korean pop music. It is the most cool thing i saw, because Kpop is different from other music genre. Most of Korean singer is a member of boy band or girl band. Each group have their own style. The current boy group that i like is Seventeen. Seventeen is a boy group that has thirteen member and they produce their own music and dance so they are the most ta…